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Gifts for Dad

Today's dads are super-engaged, aware, and ready—just more DAD.
Our cutting-edge gift ideas are cool, sure, but they also help maximize Dad's time.

Bundles for
better dadding

Stress-less features

The Dad in your life loves fun new tech. We've got one-click bundles that are ready to deliver data for Dad, right out of the box!

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The power of connection

We're here to support your family's adventure, whether WFH or going on vacay. These portable picks for Dad will allow him to keep moving, with more time for snuggles

ohom ui blue mug on dual-purpose charging pad #color_deep navy

The Ui Mug is a revolutionary system that keeps your fave bevvy hot AND wirelessly charges your cell phone!

Sweet, sweet sleep

The sometimes elusive, yet essential parenthood dream: A full night's rest, for everyone. Our Pro Camera and app offer insights, key sleep-boosting tools, and most of all, the confidence you need.