Curated with confidence.
Gifts for Mom

Backed by data, trusted by parents. Our gift ideas offer confidence-boosting, thoughtfully chosen pieces for the Mom in your life. Every day is Mother's Day at Nanit!

Bundles for the 4th Trimester

Those first 12 weeks are an adjustment for both Mom and newborn. Bring home baby, supported by the data and smart nursery pieces you need to guide your family through restful nights.

Well family

There's no sweeter Mother's Day than one that's well lived, loved, and celebrated. A healthy Mom—and by default, her family—is one that's happy, rested, and celebrating the tiniest of moments.


Belly facials! Soothing serums!
Botanical tats! Hatch Collection supplies a targeted treatment for pregnant bellies and postpartum needs alike (and we love 'ern
for it!)

One less thing =
more time for Mom

Her ongoing to-do list is stored both in her head and on various calendars/devices. Today, tell her there's less for her to do. Then show her these chill moment gifts (and take the phone away).

Sweet, sweet sleep

The sometimes elusive, yet essential parenthood dream: A full night's rest, for everyone. Our Pro Camera and app offer insights, key sleep-boosting tools, and most of all, the confidence you need.